On Summer and Slacking

This blog needs to be resuscitated. It wouldn’t be the first time, and it probably won’t be the last. It’s not that I have nothing to say. On the contrary. I always have a running list of interesting topics that would be fun to write about. My problem is that I don’t always get around to writing the material. It’s like a perpetual to-do list.

I’m cutting myself some slack for the rest of June. It’s summer vacation and we’re still getting used to being out of school. But in July I hope to make some better progress, at least with this blog. I don’t want it to sit here stagnant. I’d like to join the A to Z road trip, visiting (and re-visiting) some blogs from the challenge, hopefully becoming inspired by reading other blogs, and perhaps bringing some readers back here to converse with me.

Truthfully, I’m really struggling with where to take this blog. I want it to showcase my writing abilities, but how casual should it be? How serious? I kind of regret abandoning my Posterous Spaces, because the Your2Cents blog had a purpose–to post blurbs about current events or issues and ask for feedback. My other (main) space over there was random, and that was okay; it was a place where I could post what I ate for dinner and other minutiae. I even had a private journal just for writing practice. But now I have this one blog here and I’m not sure where it’s going. I can’t figure out how to combine my former spaces into one comprehensive site. Maybe I’ll just worry about it on a post by post basis.

Hmm, I just checked over at Posterous though, and their official blog hasn’t even been updated since March 12, the day they announced that they were being bought by Twitter. Not a good sign after all. Looks like I’ll continue twiddling my thumbs over here for a while.


B is for Blog Bullies

Bullying is a huge topic that has been getting a lot of attention in the past couple of years. Last week, the documentary “Bully” opened in theaters and received both praise and criticism from various factions. I’ve become a bit obsessed with learning all that I can about bullying and trying to figure out where my research, writing, and advocacy skills–and the fact that I’m a mom–might help me make some sort of contribution. Between school bullying, cyber bullying, and workplace bullying, there are countless issues to address. I certainly don’t want my child to bully anyone, or to be bullied by someone else; and beyond being a personal concern, it’s something that needs to be dealt with on local and national levels.

Like many writers, I’m a mom and a blogger, but I’m not a “mommy blogger.” No offense to anyone who is, but there are certain aspects of being a part of that community that just don’t appeal to me. Aside from hearing about the physical battles over “swag” at blogging conferences, for example, I’m put off by the general snarkiness of some bloggers, as well as those who comment on other blogs. Don’t get me wrong; the behavior is not limited to mom bloggers. I’m talking about anyone who makes offensive comments on blogs and forums, or otherwise makes another blogger or writer feel uncomfortable, and even unsafe, sharing his or her opinion.

I’m a relatively new blogger, so I guess you could say I’m still trying to find my voice and figure out what would be useful and interesting for people to read about. One of the topics I like discussing is current events, but I don’t consider myself too controversial, so hopefully I won’t have to deal with bullying behavior by visitors. Some forums and comment areas seem to bring out the worst in some people, who mistakenly think that they’re somehow protected or even anonymous online and can say hurtful and ignorant things. Why? Just like physical bullies, I guess it makes them feel good to build themselves up by tearing others down.

Do you know any blog bullies? Have you ever been insulted or harassed on your own blog? Have you joined anything formal like “Blog with Integrity” or a similar pledge to stand up against bullying? Or do you have comment policies that are either explicitly stated or implied on your blog?

A to Z Challenge, Day One!

A is for ABSURD

I like this word. A lot of recent news headlines have got me reacting and commenting that the stories are “absurd.” The adjective, according to Merriam-Webster, means “ridiculously unreasonable, unsound, or incongruous.”  

What words do you like to use when writing? Which ones have more impact than others?

Hmm, I don’t think so.  A is going to be for something else. If you’re feeling confused right now, but you still have the patience to keep reading, you’ll discover that I have a hard time making decisions. I wrote many of these A to Z posts ahead of time and I’m happy with most of them, but my original idea for the letter A just didn’t feel right. It seemed lame, boring and apt to drive people away rather than encouraging them to come back tomorrow! How about…

A is for ADJUST butterflies

This is my mantra for everything lately. Situations change constantly and require some flexibility in order to keep from feeling overwhelmed. For instance, I have a young child who’s growing up faster than I would like, starting a new school in the fall, and demonstrating more independence. All of this is good, and a normal part of life, but it also means uncertainty, for him and for me.

Yikes, I also just realized that he is on vacation for a week this month, which is another incentive to write and schedule these posts early! Bear with me, I’m new at this! The look of my blog has required some adjusting as well. It’s like tidying up the house before the party guests arrive. But you’re already here, so welcome!

Leave me a comment about what you’ve had to adjust in your life. OR tell me about your “A” word!