Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2013!

Peace Out, 2012. Welcome, 2013!

Every December, like many people, I tend to look back briefly on the year that’s about to end. However, I don’t spend too much time reflecting on the year that’s just passed, other than to shake my head in amazement at how quickly it went by. If I spend too much time looking backwards, I’m likely to end up feeling guilty and inadequate about what I didn’t do or what mistakes I made.

Instead, I put much more effort into planning the upcoming year. I love the look of a blank monthly planner, the lined pages just waiting to be filled with birthdays, appointments, nightly dinner ideas, you get the idea. I love starting fresh, with 12 whole months ahead of me. The only disappointing part of it all is that, when I wake up on January 1st, I don’t actually feel a tangible shift from one year to the next. By now I shouldn’t expect to feel noticeably different between New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, but I still love the idea of a clean slate.

In some ways, 2012 was a forgettable year. Don’t get me wrong. Every day I count my blessings and feel grateful for having another day to enjoy life. But, looking back over the past 12 months, nothing remarkable really stands out to me. Our little one seemed to grow up quite a bit between ages four and five. He was in nursery school and we were getting ready to choose an elementary school for him to start kindergarten. Personally and professionally, I just sort of floated along, going with the flow of each day.

This year, I’ve decided that my mantra is ACT. I’ve spent far too much time reading others’ advice and researching career options, trying to figure out how much time to dedicate to marketing myself as a freelance writer while also earning an actual income. I’ve researched enough and the time has come to take action and see what happens.

On a more personal level, I’m going to ACT in order to improve my physical health by exercising regularly and eating better. I’m pretty excited to get back to the gym and to take more positive steps toward good health.

In other words:

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” – Amelia Earhart

Do you spend more time looking backwards or planning for the future? Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Feel free to leave a comment!