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A Common Sea

Last week, our minivan began making a horrid noise. It would lessen once the van warmed up, but it was worrisome nonetheless. We took it to our trusted mechanic and anxiously awaited the test results. Diagnosis: a bad power steering pump. $670 and loss of the van for an entire day was the prescription.

Guess that will be the family Christmas present this year.

But while I was mired in a pity party over this, which given our humble finances (my husband’s a career military man, after all, not an investment banker) is akin to near catastrophe, my dear friend was facing a financial hurdle of her own. One much harder than my little old car problem. And she wasn’t throwing a pity party about it.

Her husband was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, and while he is currently in remission, the toll the disease has taken on…

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