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A Common Sea

Last week, our minivan began making a horrid noise. It would lessen once the van warmed up, but it was worrisome nonetheless. We took it to our trusted mechanic and anxiously awaited the test results. Diagnosis: a bad power steering pump. $670 and loss of the van for an entire day was the prescription.

Guess that will be the family Christmas present this year.

But while I was mired in a pity party over this, which given our humble finances (my husband’s a career military man, after all, not an investment banker) is akin to near catastrophe, my dear friend was facing a financial hurdle of her own. One much harder than my little old car problem. And she wasn’t throwing a pity party about it.

Her husband was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, and while he is currently in remission, the toll the disease has taken on…

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A Common Sea

The draft of this post has changed direction several times since I started writing it last Friday. It started out as a casual post that morphed into a rant and then changed focus again as I tried to make it more positive.

Last week I was struggling with the notion that my life had gotten back to “normal” after not really being disrupted in a major way by Superstorm Sandy. One of our huge pine trees fell toward the house and, had it been a few feet taller, then it probably would have hit the roof and crashed into our child’s bedroom. While that thought makes me shudder, I’m extremely grateful for what did NOT happen. We didn’t experience much damage and we didn’t lose power, except for one hour on Wednesday when the utility company was working in our area.

Yes, we went a bit stir-crazy at home with…

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