W is for Wall

I’ve kinda hit a brick wall as far as these posts go. I was doing great, but this week–screeeech. These last few letters of the alphabet are stumping me.

W is also for waiting until the last minute to write today’s post. Hopefully it’s worth it.

Many bloggers, of course, chose to write about writing or writer’s block. To deal with my own writer’s block, I picked a random prompt from The Pocket Muse, a great source of writing inspiration given to me by Lynn at A Common Sea. Her post about The West Wing is great by the way. But I digress.

The prompt instructs you to spend an hour writing about writing (your own). I didn’t actually write for a whole hour and it’s kind of choppy, but here goes:

How would I describe my writing? I’ve always written. My whole life, I’ve always written. But I never set out to be a writer. Every job I’ve had, and every academic experience, has included a significant amount of writing responsibility. Writing has always come easier to me than talking. With writing, you can think of what you want to say, taking as long as you need before you actually say it, on paper, on the computer screen, in a text message on your phone. You can even write something down and erase it, or type it and then delete it. But once something comes out of your mouth, you can’t un-say it.

I guess that’s my big fear about talking generally, and public speaking specifically, which I’ve always hated. When people just sit and look at me expectantly, I’m sure they’re not judging me as harshly as it feels like they are, but I never have been able to get over my nerves in those situations. The best I could do was practice repeatedly and try my hardest to act like I wasn’t nervous. I even gave trainings in Spanish to native Spanish speakers. Talk about being judged, not only by the content but also by your language and grammar. The audience was always extremely nice, though, and the judgments were probably all in my head.

But back to writing. I should have started a memoir of my life when I was younger, mostly because I have a terrible memory and writing can preserve so much. But I have a lot of journals and things that I could use for reference. Most of my writing has been academic, in the form of long research papers. Now I write a lot of articles; just on general information like the health benefits of blueberries…yawn. I’m getting more into blogging and trying to explore a more creative side, if one exists. I can compose a killer email message. I don’t plan on writing fiction or poetry, though. I’m a fan of good fiction, so I much prefer to read it than to write it.

So there you have it in a nutshell. Me writing about my writing.

How would you describe your writing?
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  1. Oddly enough I was filling in a questionaire yesterday and had to recourse back to my debut novel for an answer. So it was kinda shocking to discover my writing ( I think ) has becomemore choppy and less fluent in the preceding years. Gave me lots to think about.
    🙂 And like you I am struggling for originality this week.


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