P is for Pressure

I’m thinking of the kind of pressure that we put on ourselves. I imagine that everyone has certain goals and responsibilities, and it’s easy to criticize ourselves when we fall short of living up to what we think we should be achieving.

Sure, there can always be outside pressure exerted on us, from parents, from friends, and from society as a whole, with their expectations about the roles that we (should) fulfill. Ultimately, I think we put the most pressure on ourselves.

It’s not always a negative thing. If I don’t put any pressure on myself to take charge of my own health, for example, there’s really no one else who will. Therefore, it’s a good kind of pressure, as long as I follow through.

Lately I’ve been feeling the pressure

  • To be a good mom
  • To be a good wife, daughter, sister, friend, neighbor, fill in the blank….
  • To be a good writer
  • To get in better shape

For a couple of days now, I’ve been pressuring myself to come with good blog posts for this challenge, and I’m not even being paid for it. So that makes me feel the pressure to be working on other (i.e. paying) assignments.

The pressure to be a good mom is a big issue. Lately I’ve been telling everyone I know that I’m anxious to come up with a plan for keeping our preschooler occupied this summer. Not that we need to have a strict schedule of activities, but I don’t want to be stuck in the rut of doing the same thing every day. Send a wig, because I will pull my hair out. We also don’t have the funds for things like camps, museums and bouncy house types of places every day of the week.

Exploring new parks and playgrounds will have to be one of my goals this summer. I love when we run into a classmate somewhere, or he finds a playmate to run around with, because phew, the pressure’s off me to entertain him, at least for a little while.

Don’t get me wrong. He’ll be going to kindergarten full time in the fall, so this is, basically, a unique chance to enjoy our time together before school becomes a regular part of his life. I will treasure every moment.

I’m still curious to know what any of you in similar situations do to deal with that voice that’s pressuring you to do certain things. It doesn’t have to be kid-related. Do you want to be a published author? Are you trying to find a better job or make a major lifestyle change? Are you too hard on yourself? Or is it a positive force that motivates you?
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  1. Without pressure, we’d get nothing done!

    BTW, you should try your public library for summer activities. In addition to free events they host, mine also has free or discounted passes to nearby zoos, aquariums, etc.


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