Boing! Spring Has Sprung!

SpringI’m so, SO happy about the recent change in weather, even though I feel unprepared in terms of my wardrobe. I had gotten so used to bundling up in four layers all day and wearing two pairs of socks to bed…well, not really, but it was freezing in this house!

Anyway, the last couple of weeks have brought a warm-up and I think that the winter weather may be behind us for this year. I have to admit that the snow was very pretty when it fell, and it was fun introducing Junior to snowmen and playing in the snow after it took 40 minutes to get him all dressed, Lightning McQueen boots and all. Plus another 10 minutes to get his mittens on, ha ha. But aside from the fun of playing outside and then drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows afterwards, I was going a little bit stir crazy from all of the snow. There was nothing to do but stay in the house and stare out the window until it got dark at 4:00. Rinse and repeat the next day. Talk about depressing.

Now that’s it’s officially spring (it is today, isn’t it?), I have a much more positive attitude about things. The day feels longer and filled with more potential (must have something to do with that hour we lost on Sunday.) Now I can go to bed feeling like we actually enjoyed ourselves and did something worthwhile, even if it was just playing outside for 20 minutes. The ground is still a little muddy, but it has potential. We checked out a park nearby and I already can’t wait to go back. Off to enjoy more sunshine. Hooray!

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