Trying to Figure Out What “Home” Means

Hi everyone. Coming to you live (sort of) from our new house. Sorry for not updating the blog more often, but life has been crazy (understatement!) for the past few weeks. We put our house on the market, packed and packed some more, and literally drove away from our life in North Carolina and ended up back in Connecticut, for good this time. (Or just for now, who knows.) One reason it’s taken me so long to post here is that I’m still trying to adjust to a new life in a new place. You might ask, “What do you mean, new? You grew up in Connecticut.” True, but I left as a college student and swore I wouldn’t ever come back (except for holidays, of course). But here I am after 9 ½ years as a Tarheel, expected to jump back into life as a Yankee–not that my true loyalties ever really changed. Things have changed here, that’s for sure. I have to learn my way around again, and investigate important things like pet stores and preschools and playgroups. Figuring these things out as a mom presents a whole new set of challenges.

I still have mixed feelings about the move, and I probably will for some time. It’s nice to have family and friends so close. We had always planned to move back at some point, but I wasn’t expect the jarring feeling that I keep getting; sometimes it’s culture shock, believe it or not, and sometimes it’s just a really sad feeling, like I’ve literally lost a huge part of me. All I have to do is picture our house in North Carolina and the tears start to flow. I do miss the house, even if it’s just a representation of the life that we left behind. But we truly have missed being here too, so hopefully, overall, we made the right decision. Junior seems to be adjusting pretty well, so I just have to work on my own coping skills. More updates to come! Thanks for sticking with me!