Trying Again!

Ahem, well, welcome to the resurrection of my blog. I decided to stop agonizing over the style and content and just do it…write, that is. My posts might seem more personal (as opposed to professional) than I had originally anticipated, but something, anything, is better than nothing at this point. A near-dead, empty blog was hanging over my head. No more! I have plenty going on in my life, and rather than just waiting for all of it to settle down and to officially be able to call myself a writer, I should just let the words flow now and see where they take me. Life is a journey, not a destination, right? Wow, I usually avoid using clichés like that one. I must be getting old.

So, the goal is to figure out what *you* (someone’s reading this, right?) as an audience would like to read. I’m not writing to hear myself talk….I don’t want this to be a journal, per se, but rather a chronicle of my current situation and a way of developing my professional writing skills. Yay, that sounds like a good goal! So off we go.

Oh, and I’ll be changing this blog’s name from Decidedly Indecisive to something more reflective of my professional goals and identity. Also, sometime soon I’ll have an actual site with work samples, etc. Stay tuned.